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You must be 17 years or older to download and use Datestory.



We grant you the opportunity to use Datestory as a service. In no way are you allowed to exploit the service, attempt to hack the service, access unauthorized data, or use Datestory for commercial purposes, unless authorized in writing from Datestory. You may not reverse engineer or decompile the application or create any unauthorized service that ties into Datestory without permission.


You agree to respect others, not commit any harassing or bullying/hateful behavior, and to not sending any offensive messages (including items that are suggestive, sexual, or related to drugs, offensive language, or illegal behavior). You agree not to post anything that violates copyrights.


Datestory is a mobile application and therefore uses messaging, data, and device processing. You are responsible for all costs associated with these services. You are also responsible for the safe handling of the application and use (or non-use) of it (e.g. while driving, etc).


No warranty whatsoever, expressed or implied, is granted by Datestory. Use entirely for your own benefit and at your own risk. All content posted or actions of others are their sole responsibility. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you cannot hold Datestory, their employees, shareholders, affiliates or others related to Datestory liable for any damages or lost data.



We are a company headquartered in the United States and all legal matters will be handled in this jurisdiction, regardless of where you may be using Datestory.


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